Monday, 24 November 2014

The National

Managed to get hold of a copy of the new daily paper, The National, this morning.  No easy task, since Sainsburys were having a problem with the barcode for it and as a result were reluctant to sell it to me, as apparently their policy is not to sell the item if the barcode isn't recognised.  However, some firm insistence with customer services, and I purchased my copy as they removed all the others from the shelves.  This was at 8 o'clock this morning, and a friend tells me that he was in Sainsburys about half-an-hour ago and there were copies back on the shelf, so I'm hoping this means they have the issue resolved.  Meantime we called the number to report the issue (0141 302 7300) and managed to sort out an online subscription as well.

First impressions are that it's very similar in style to the Sunday Herald, starting with Scottish news, moving on to UK and then world news.  There is also a business section and a sports section. These contained an interesting mix of stories, along with some opinion pieces.  None of the big names from the Sunday Herald appear to have contributed, but this may change over time.  No letters section today, but they intend there to be one from tomorrow onwards.

All-in-all I thought it was a decent paper, with some depth to it and not filled with entertainment and celebrity-related non-stories.  I will certainly be reading it for the rest of the pilot run this week, and I would recommend it if you haven't made up your mind to buy it yet.

Oh, and a cryptic crossword would be nice :)

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