Sunday, 30 November 2014


I think I've finally worked out who UKIP really are.  They're the Typical Internet Troll Speech party.  Let's take a couple of examples.

This week UKIP's Scotland chairman, one Misty Thackeray (How troll-name is that? And I'm not making it up either), launched an attack on the new Scottish daily paper, the National. He accused the paper of being 'slavishly pro-SNP', thus demonstrating he hadn't actually read it, since it explicitly stated on Monday that it intends to hold the SNP party to account in the same way as all the others, even though the paper is pro-independence.  Mr Thackeray then further compared Yes supporters to fascist street thugs of the 1930s, compared Nicola Sturgeon's tour to the Nuremberg rallies and went on to describe the National as 'McPravda'.  Slightly cliched mixed metaphors there, but the gist is clear.  So far, so standard troll.

Then we had David Coburn, Scotland's one UKIP MEP declaring that, if UKIP hold the balance of power after the general election, they would ensure that the Smith Commission proposals were ignored and a new constitutional agreement put in place which would include Scotland.  Clearly he has spent a lot of time day-dreaming about this, but you've got to find something to do when you're an MEP who refuses to actually do any work on the grounds that their party rejects the EU and all it stands for.  Happy to take the salary though.

Now that we know they are not UKIP but TITS, we can do the right thing and ignore them until they go back under their bridge.

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