Thursday, 6 November 2014

Marches and bonfires

'Remember, remember the fifth of November, gunpowder, treason and plot...'

This was the reason why Anonymous chose this date for their Million Mask March, which took place in major cities throughout the world.  There were marches in Edinburgh and Glasgow, which seem to have passed off peacefully, although there does appear to have been some trouble at the London March

Anonymous are an interesting phenomenon.  There are no leaders and very few rules.  Their key characteristics are "(1) an unrelenting moral stance on issues and rights, regardless of direct provocation; (2) a physical presence that accompanies online hacking activity; and (3) a distinctive brand."  Members wear the now famous Guy Fawkes mask, which is probably why most people find them rather sinister.

I have some sympathy with the aims of Anonymous, but I wouldn't wear the mask.  I'm not ashamed or afraid of being a Scottish nationalist and see no reason to hide that I am.

In other Guy Fawkes Night news, the Waterloo Bonfire Society decided that the guy to be placed on top of their bonfire this year would be Alex Salmond.   This came to light when a member of staff at the local council tweeted a picture of one of the effigies passing their offices.  Complaints were made, leading to the withdrawal of the two effigies and an investigation by the police into a racially-motivated hate crime.

I think that last was really an overreaction, giving a bit of silliness far more attention than it deserved.  Certainly Alex Salmond himself took it in good part.  However, the reaction from the Society itself and its supporters appears to have been 'It's just a joke'.  Ah, the clarion cry of bullies everywhere when called out. 

Anyway at least we now know - clearly Nessie is a 'Yessie' ;)

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