Saturday, 22 November 2014

New media dawn

Monday sees the launch of a new daily newspaper, the National.  it comes from the same stable as the Sunday Herald and will be reporting from a pro-independence standpoint.  There has been some sneering about the publishers of the Sunday Herald cynically jumping on the bandwagon of independence and exploiting a gap in the market.  This is quite possibly the case.  Nevertheless, I think it will do well, as there are currently no other daily papers operating from this standpoint, and I think there are still large numbers of people who like a daily physical newspaper rather than just reading the news online.  The first run will be of 50,000 copies, so it may be hard to get on Monday.  I shall certainly be trying to get hold of one.

This week also saw a taster from the team who will be producing The Scottish Evening News, which will be a broadcast news bulletin tackling major news stories from a Scottish perspective.  This first taster was on the subject of TTIP.  It was an interesting watch, although fans of Dateline Scotland may have trouble at first, as you keep expecting a joke.  The channel is due to launch in spring 2015, and on the evidence of this first taster, it will be worth waiting for.  You can support the project here.  All funds raised will be used to keep the project free of shareholder control or advertising.

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