Tuesday, 4 November 2014

A Game of (Labour) Thrones

I see Jim Murphy has resigned from the shadow cabinet in order to pursue his new career as leader of Labour in Scotland.  He strikes me as being the Roose Bolton of this particular version of Game of Thrones, ruthlessly disposing of rivals on order to become King in the North. The equivalent of the Red Wedding would be the removal of Johann Lamont and Anas Sarwar which allegedly came about as a result of internal feuds.  It's widely rumoured that Margaret Currant, the Cersei Lannister of this particular version of Game of Thrones, will be moved into the vacancy created by Mr Murphy's resignation, something that would be regarded as a demotion for her, just as it was for Mr Murphy.  In the book Cersei spends her time plotting but isn't very good at it and is ultimately side-lined.

The nominations for deputy leader closed yesterday, with only two candidates having come forward: Kezia Dugdale and Katy Clark.  This leaves Sarah Boyack looking unlikely to win the leadership, as she now doesn't have a running mate.  A bit like Lysa Arryn, who spends most of Game of Thrones isolated and without much influence on events.  Let's hope she doesn't come to a political sticky end.

Meanwhile Labour continues its slow collapse, with Alastair Darling and Anne McGuire both announcing that they will stand down at the General Election in May.  Looks like Labour need to remember the Stark motto - Winter is Coming.

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