Tuesday, 21 October 2014

Pensions are safe?

Yesterday the Scottish Daily Express ran with the front page headline 'Scots set for pensions shock'. The story itself was about how people are not saving enough towards their pensions and questions how many people will be able to manage on an annual income of £6,011 per year.  On Saturday they also ran a story about how the state pension pot would be 'empty within a year' and how the think tank who produced the research was advising that pensions would have to be reduced to basic subsistence levels.  Reduced?  Does anyone really think that the current levels of a maximum of £113.10 per week is a life of luxury?

It's not so long ago that the No campaign were assuring Scots pensioners that their pension could only be guaranteed if Scotland stayed in the Union.  They were told that if they voted Yes, they would lose their pensions altogether.  In a large part it explains why people in the pensioner age-group voted overwhelmingly for No, and I don't blame them for that.  Pension levels in the UK are not generous, and the prospect of destitution would have loomed large for many pensioners if what they were being told was true.

Yes another example of the lies that were told by the No campaign.  I hope they're proud of themselves.

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