Saturday, 28 February 2015

We're fluffy really

Yesterday Nigel Farage made a speech to UKIP's party conference in Margate.  Why is this relevant to Scotland?  Because UKIP intend to stand around 40 candidates in Scottish constituencies in the coming general election.

Unfortunately Mr Farage didn't have a manifesto to promote, as the party hadn't got it ready in time,  so instead he called on his party to take a positive line on immigration, by which he means promoting the benefits of his party's proposed points system, based on skills and similar to the system in Australia, rather than blaming immigrants for all of the UK's ills.

It's a nice thought, but not one that his adherents seems to be prepared to follow as yet.  From the article above:
Steven Woolfe, the party’s migration spokesman, used his speech to suggest the rising population caused by immigration could put pressure on food security, water and the sewage system.
“Schools are full, hospitals are troubled, healthcare – it is difficult to be seen in many areas of this country,” he said. “Roads need to be built. We need to look after the way we feed ourselves because we’ve got a growing population. What about our water and sewage systems? All of these matter.”
Stuart Agnew, Ukip’s agriculture spokesman, said that 3 million extra immigrants over the next 10 years could put food security at risk and the “terrorists would know it”, leading the country to buckle.
So not quite there with the positive message on immigration then. But they weren't the worst.  Apparently UKIP have a Christian group now, who were heard to proclaim that schools were to blame for
allowing the sexual grooming of our primary school children for same sex attraction
and said "the LGBT' were trying to recruit more children because
such people cannot reproduce their own kind
Swivel-eyed lunacy is alive and well within UKIP then.

One thing Mr Farage did say was quite interesting, though not for the reason he thought.  He said
UKIP wants an “amicable divorce” from the EU, wants to “re-embrace the Commonwealth”
Substitute 'Scotland'  for 'UKIP, 'the UK' for 'the EU' and 'Europe' for 'the Commonwealth' and it pretty much sums up what Yes supporters want.  Mr Farage was against that for Scotland, but it's apparently OK for the UK. Somewhat hypocritical one might even say.

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