Tuesday, 17 February 2015


And things just get worse for Labour in Scotland, with today's news that Mr Murphy has had to remove a video from YouTube and delete a tweet on the subject of Scotland's NHS having a cancelled operations level four times that of NHS England.  They have statistics to prove it.

Except it isn't and they don't.  It's all been a giant misunderstanding.  Some stupid minion didn't read the statistics properly and now Mr Murphy has egg on his face to match his shirt.  No doubt the minion is currently on the receiving end of a size 9 propelling them towards the door.

And then there was the 'Yes for Labour' fiasco.  Having told the Sunday Herald that he wanted to turn Labour into the party of Yes, and having registered several domains for it in January, it is now being swept under the carpet.  Never happened.  If you trying looking for the domains you'll find most of them have been suspended.

Labour in Scotland really need to get to grips with this new-fangled internet thingy.  They need to realise that deleting videos and tweets doesn't mean that they disappear and no-one any the wiser.  Perhaps they should concentrate on things like policies designed to appeal to the voters and canvassing, rather than these inevitably embarrassing stunts.  Or maybe that's just a step too far?

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