Friday, 27 February 2015

Book review

I have finally managed to finish '100 Days of Hope and Fear' by David Torrance.  It consists of his diary over the period of the referendum, and it's a bit of a turgid read.  If you want to know where Mr Torrance had breakfast, lunch and dinner and with whom over the referendum period, then this is the book for you.  If you're looking for incisive analysis, not so much.

Most annoying was the constant name-dropping and the condescension ('Had a quick drink with Adam and a bright Labour activist called Cat Headley', 'Allan Price from BBC Scotland (very bright and now producing Jim Naughtie')).  It certainly gives the impression that Mr Torrance has a guid conceit of himself.  Most amusing was Mr Torrance constantly being butt-hurt that people want to invite him on TV panels as a No voter, since he himself says he has been studiously neutral.  However, given that he constantly refers to 'Yes propaganda' and 'lines from the Yes playbook', one can't imagine why the inviters would think that he's on the No side.

To be fair, the book does give a good impression of what that period was like for the politically active, and does capture something of the energy of that time.  The Kindle edition could do with a good editor though - 'dough-eyed', really?

In summary, not a book I would recommend unless you are suffering from insomnia.

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