Friday, 20 February 2015

Facts and figures

It's not been a good week for Labour.  First we had Jim Murphy and the disappearing video on NHS waiting times.  Then yesterday we had Kezia Dugdale making a schoolgirl error during First Minister's Questions when attacking the SNP government on its record in childcare.

There's been a distinct carelessness in Labour pronouncements this week.   Maybe all their researchers have gone on holiday at once.  Maybe they've decided that any publicity is good publicity.  Maybe they just get overexcited when they see something they think they can attack the SNP with.

It's almost as if Labour have given up on this election and are aiming towards next year's Scottish General Election.

Meanwhile, the SNP made a error of their own, when they stated that Sir David Gararrd had donated £1,570 to Jim Murphy's leadership campaign, when in fact no such donation had been made.  However, as it turns out,. the truth is fairly complex and it's easy to see how the mistake was made.  The SNP reacted by issuing the following statement:
The SNP press release incorrectly said that Sir David Garrard had donated to Jim Murphy’s leadership campaign. The online version has been amended, and we apologise for the mistake.
 Compare and contract with Labour's mistake on NHS waiting times, where sorry appears to be the hardest word, and blaming your mistake on your opponents is the way to go apparently.

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