Monday, 23 March 2015

Can I speak to a human?

Yesterday Jim Murphy appeared on Sunday Politics, where he was grilled by Andrew Neil on why Labour is doing so badly in Scotland and why his leadership has made no discernible difference to the polls.  His reply was like when you phone up a helpline, only to be met with a robotic voice at every turn.  The result is frustrating and you don't get your enquiry sorted out.

Mr Murphy basically repeated the same three soundbites over and over.
1) The biggest party gets to form the government
2) Vote SNP, get Tory
3) The SNP were responsible for bringing down the Labour government in 1979

This last is clearly Mr McTernan's latest wheeze for trying to get the lumpen proletariat back onside.  Labour in Scotland still refuse to learn the lesson the electorate are trying to teach them.  People have had enough of politicians simply mouthing their latest sound bite, regardless of the question they've been asked.  That's the old politics.  Instead people want to hear politicians tell them what they are going to do with power if they are given it.  They want to hear about policies for the future, not ancient history (and inaccurate ancient history at that).  They want to hear about co-operation, not the Bain-principle based Labour politics of recent years.

Labour in Scotland are simply repeating all the old moves, all the old chat-up lines and hoping they will work now as they have in the past.  A bit like a middle-aged man having a mid-life crisis, and with about as much success.

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