Tuesday, 10 March 2015

Book review

I've just finished reading 'Alex Salmond, My Part in his Downfall' by Alan Cochrane.  This takes the form Mr Cochrane's diary over the period of the referendum campaign, finishing pretty much after the referendum itself.

It's a much better read than David Torrance's effort.  Although I don't agree with many of them, Mr Cochrane is not short of an opinion or two and quite happy to share them, which makes for a far more entertaining read.  He's definitely a Unionist (with a capital U), but not a fan of any particular party, although he does spend some time wondering if he should become a Tory.  With regard to politicians, he either likes them or regards them with contempt, but it doesn't relate to which party they're a member of.  For example, he likes Nicola Sturgeon but doesn't think much of Ruth Davidson, despite the Tory leanings.

He reserves special venom for Alex Salmond (unsurprising, given the title of the book), but he never tells us why he loathes Mr Salmond so much.  One can only assume some terrible incident from the past, involving a snubbing perhaps.

The diary also gives you some insight into life chez Cochrane, and it's clear that he loves his family, both immediate and extended (in most cases).  He also often complains about being constantly broke, then in the next entry recounts a dinner at an expensive restaurant with his family or some political contact - might be a bit of a clue there, along with the fees for the private school frequently mentioned, one feels.

All-in-all an entertaining read which gives plenty of insight into the unseen side of the referendum campaign, including the gossip.  Definitely worth a read, even if you're a Yes supporter.

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