Monday, 16 March 2015

And you can stick your lawnmower...

Today Ed Milliband announced that he is definitely not going to enter a coalition with the SNP, no way, no how, no sirree bob!  I'm sure the voters in England will be feeling a great sense of relief at this announcement.  The voters in Scotland?  Not so much, since most were aware that the SNP have repeatedly said that they will not enter a formal coalition with Labour, although other supportive arrangements might be on the table.  It's not as if the SNP have made any great secret of it after all.

It reminded me of the old joke about the man who wanted to borrow his neighbour's lawnmower, since his front garden was getting a bit overgrown.  As he walks down his path on his way to his neighbour's house he suddenly remembers that he borrowed his neighbour's hedge-trimmers a few months ago and has never returned them.  As he gets to his neighbour's gate he remembers that he also borrowed his neighbour's drill last month and it's still in the shed.  On the way up the path he then remembers that his neighbour also lent him a hammer last week and he hasn't returned that either.  As he approaches the front door he imagines what his neighbour will say when he asks to borrow the lawnmower, imagining that he'll probably be reproached about all the things he's borrowed and not returned.  He rings the doorbell, full of trepidation.  His neighbour opens the door and says 'Hi George, what can I do for you?'  And the man replies 'You can stick your lawnmower up your arse!'

That's Ed Milliband, that is.

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