Thursday, 18 December 2014

Zombie killers

There have been a flurry of stories and commentary following Jim Murphy's election as leader of Labour in Scotland.  In them it's becoming evident that inaccurate information is repeatedly being presented as fact.  Here are some examples.

Cameron’s argument was fair but its timing was crazy. It seemed to jeer at the yes campaigners when they were still smarting from defeat. Scotland had indeed got away with constitutional murder. Having sought independence and won enhanced autonomy, they still wanted all the goodies of union. They wanted the full Barnett formula subsidy and legislative power to influence England’s domestic administration and budget. But this is what Cameron had promised, with no mention of strings attached to make it palatable to English Tories.
Myth: Scotland is subsidised by England through the Barnett formula
And so on. By this test, is David Cameron sleepwalking into a breakup of the United Kingdom, something not even Vladimir Putin wants to see – though fellow-nationalists, Alex Salmond and Nigel Farage are big fans – as he seeks to handle the Scottish (not to mention the EU) dimensions of policy for tactical party advantage?
Myth: Alex Salmond greatly admires Vladimir Putin
Myth: Alex Salmond and Nigel Farage are politically equivalent

We also find the story of Jim Murphy having to abandon his 100 towns in 100 days tour during the referendum because of organised intimidation by Yes supporters leading to him being 'egged' rearing its ugly head once more in connection with reporting of his election as leader. In fact the egg-thrower was a disgruntled passer-by who objected to having his question ignored.

And on it goes.  These stories are basically zombies, and no matter how many times they are refuted with links to the facts, they just keep shambling on, like the Walking Dead.

These stories are going to be repeated over and over during the general election campaign, and need to be challenged every time they emerge.  So, if you fancy a bit of zombie-killing, take part in comment threads and collect a set of links that you can use for refutation.  Just think of them as loaded shotguns that you can use for the necessary head-shot ;)

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