Saturday, 6 December 2014


Our favourite (for which read only) Scottish UKIP MEP has called for a spoof Twitter account, @Trumpton_UKIP, to be banned.  He also called for his 9,000 Twitter followers to block/report the account.  Upon which the account gained another 11,000 followers.

The chap who set up the account said on Facebook today:
“It struck me that most Ukip supporters, or ‘Kippers’, were reminiscing about a Britain of their youth that was more like the classic kids show Trumpton than the reality I remembered, so I chose to start Trumpton Ukip and pretend the Mayor and Mr Troop had defected to the people’s army."
 Troll party does not like to be trolled it seems.  And on that note, I'd like to dedicate this song to Mr Coburn.

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