Wednesday, 24 December 2014

Christmas reading

Since I imagine there won't be a great of political news in the next couple of weeks, I'm planning to read a couple of books looking back at the referendum.  One is '100 Days of Hope and Fear' by David Torrance and the other is 'Alex Salmond: My Part in his Downfall' by Alan Cochrane.  Both are Unionists, so it will be an interesting contrast to my experience of the referendum. 

I must say I'm looking forward enormously to the Alan Cochrane book, judging by the comments left on Amazon.  I have a large bucket of salt standing by to complement my reading experience, given that Wings over Scotland has already exposed at least one lie in the book.  Should be fun - I do enjoy a good fantasy novel ;)

David Torrance is the man who wrote a biography of Alex Salmond, and is someone with whom Mr Salmond himself is less than impressed The Guardian appear to think that the book is pretty balanced, so I look forward to judging for myself.

I will be reporting back once I have completed my planned reading.  I've already read 'Disunited Kingdom' by Iain McWhirter, so will be comparing all three.

Meantime I hope you all have a lovely Christmas, however you choose to spend it.

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