Sunday, 1 November 2015

The greater basking Kezia

Yesterday Ms Dugdale received much applause and indeed standing ovations for her speech, much as would be expected for any leader at their party conference. However, on Question Time on Thursday, a similarly impassioned speech was met with silence.

According to a friend who was in the audience on Thursday, David Dimbleby told them prior to the programme that they should clap if they agreed with something one of the panellists said and remain silent when they disagreed. Mr Dimbleby also asked people to put up their hands to show which party they supported as he called out the names of the parties. According to my friend the audience seemed to show a diversity broadly in line with the current voting trends. The fact that her speech met with silence is pretty telling. Even the Labour supporters didn't feel moved to applaud. This should set alarm bells ringing at Labour in Scotland's HQ. The party faithful may be convinced, the voting populace not so much.

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