Sunday, 20 September 2015

Hope Over Fear Rally 19/09/2015

Fantastic day, met many old friends, enjoyed the speakers and the bands.  The atmosphere was joyous and friendly, lots of happy smiling faces.

Some pics from the event:

These were taken around 12 noon.  Even then, there were a few more than the 1500 claimed by the BBC

A selection of flags were flown...

...including two Union flags, which you can just about see at the back of this picture.  They wilted in the face of mass saltires being waved at them.

People came in all shapes and sizes

The fashion for traffic cone headgear is becoming a thing amongst Glasgow statues

And the prize for best placard of the day goes to...

Finally, with a roar like a primordial beast that echoed round the Square, Bikers for Yes

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