Thursday, 30 July 2015

The party of the party

The game is up.  John McTernan has finally confirmed what we all suspected about the Labour party - that it doesn't care what the grassroots supporters want.  We must therefore conclude that all the Labour party is interested in is power for its own sake, and it will do anything and say anything to get it.  Not that this is surprising.  We've all thought that this was the case for some time.

 Of course, this will not go down at all well with the Labour supporters in the rest of the UK as well as the few who remain in Scotland.  They're all just the little people after all.  No-one cares about them.

I'm not a strategic political thinker by any manner of means, and even I can see that, as politics goes, this is as stupid as it gets.  Plotting a coup against a leader who hasn't even been elected yet?  Alienating your core vote by telling them that their hopes and wishes don't matter?  I'm beginning to think that a dead ferret would have more cunning that the current Labour 'hopefuls'. It would certainly be considerably more entertaining.

What a tragic end to a party that was created to stand up for the working man.  A long drawn-out suicide, starting with shooting themselves in the foot repeatedly and working up from there.

Mind you, this does explain a lot about their strategy for dealing with the SNP, which basically consists of shouting 'SNP Baaaad!' at every opportunity without committing themselves to an alternative strategy for solving political problems.  After all, if the point of the Labour party is to be the Labour party, they must assume that it's the same for all the other parties.  Power for power's sake, that's the ticket.  So much easier than actually trying to solve our problems with some original thinking

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