Wednesday, 13 May 2015

Ghost in the party machine

Following the almost total wipeout of Labour in Scotland last Thursday, Mr Murphy continues to cling on to leadership, despite numerous calls from Labour MSPs, several unions and losing MPs for him to resign.  Indeed, an article from the Sunday Herald appears to show that Mr Murphy and his minions, Mr McTernan and Mr McDougall are not well regarded within the Scottish HQ of Labour party.

One thing that has been odd is the almost complete absence of Mr Murphy from the press and TV since the election.  No speeches, no attempts to rally the troops, not even an explanation of why he thinks he should remain as leader.  It's almost as if Messrs McTernan and McDougall have Mr Murphy locked  away in a small room while they frantically try to work out what their next move should be.  Careers are at stake.

There will be a meeting on Saturday at which it is expected there will be a vote of no confidence in Mr Murphy's leadership.  On current evidence I don't think the three Ms will meekly take this.  I wouldn't be at all surprised if Labour in Scotland splits into two parties as a result of this:  one, led by Mr Murphy, which will stay aligned to the UK Labour party as it lurches in the Blairite direction again and another, possibly led by Neil Findlay which will be an attempt to return to old fashioned left-wing Labour party.  The latter would, I think, have the support of the unions.  I'm not sure what support the former would have.

It's all speculation at this stage, but it's certainly helping to keep politics interesting.

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