Monday, 27 April 2015

Fear turning to terror later

Today we have a new poll from TNS which puts support for the SNP in Scotland at 54%, with Labour dropping to 22%.  If reflected on 7th May, this could result in the SNP taking 57 out of the 59 seats available.  There is a major caveat to these figures, which is that that 29% of respondents were 'undecided', so there is no room for complacency by the SNP.

Jim Murphy and Ed Balls were in Glasgow attending an event for Labour activists at the Royal Concert Hall.  Needless to say the major topic was 'SNP BAD!'.  Mr Murphy said
It is the nationalists’ clear intention to pursue a second referendum sooner rather than later if they are given the opportunity. 
Well colour me shocked.  The SNP would like to have a second referendum?  My, they kept that quiet.  Oh wait, no they didn't.  Nicola Sturgeon has said that, while she will continue to work towards an independent Scotland, another referendum will only take place if there is a substantial change (such as England voting to leave the EU and Scotland voting to stay in) AND if the people of Scotland indicate they want another referendum by voting in a party that contains such a policy in their manifesto.

 Mr Murphy also said
They would consign Scotland to years of deepening divisions while the needs and priorities of working-class Scots are set aside for another day, another year or indeed another generation.
The latter half of that sentence just beggars belief.  Labour have had a majority of MPs in Scotland since 1959, and yet we still have some of the worst poverty in Europe in some areas of Scotland.  We have also had vast amounts of money wasted on vanity projects such as the Holyrood parliament building and the Edinburgh trams, all commissioned by Labour.   Meanwhile the SNP government in Edinburgh have implemented free personal care for the elderly, free prescriptions and no tuition fees, all of which will help meet the needs of working-class Scots.  What have Labour to show for their time in office at Holyrood?

In general, Labour are fighting this general election as if it were the referendum, which is odd as they fought the referendum as if it were a general election.  They seem to be suffering from a 6-month lag.  Maybe they should reboot their connection to reality.

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