Monday, 29 September 2014

Patriotism is a relative thing

David Cameron said this on the Andrew Marr Show:
"I am just a deeply patriotic politician and person. I do this job because I love my country, I care passionately about its future and I want it to be a strong, proud, self-governing independent nation.”
45% of Scots feel the same way about Scotland, but apparently that's different.

He said this in the context of the EU, when he said he would be prepared to recommend that people vote No to staying in the EU in the forthcoming referendum in 2017 if he doesn't get a satisfactory agreement (ie his own way) on the UK's opt-outs.  That could be one of the triggers for another referendum on Scottish independence in the event that Scotland votes to stay in the EU and England votes to leave, which certainly seems to be a possibility on the evidence of the polls.  Here's hoping!

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  1. I think some of the 55% are also proud Scots, they were simply frightened and bullied into voting for what they perceived was more powers. As to this perceived difference between Patriotism and Nationalism, it seems that when you love Scotland and want the best for it you are nationalist scum, but when you love Britain and beat up wee lassies with a Saltire you are a Patriot.

    Here and now for the record, in-case I have never been clear, I am Scottish, I have always been Scottish and I will always be Scottish. I am not now and not ever British. I do not think Scotland is better than the rest of the remainder of the UK or England or anybody else in the world. we are simply different. Different is not something that needs to be feared or praised it simply is a statement of fact.